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About us

Near Shore development and support - reduced costs

What we do

We provide bespoke and standard IT solutions for the financial services industry with expertise in reporting, integration, systems implementation and infrastructure services.

We are a company who look to partner with businesses to help solve problems through developing a relationship based on trust and respect. Our belief is that successful delivery helps us build credibility with our customers organically. We are a team of experienced, mature, technically savvy individuals who place an emphasis on culture as a key component for success. We believe in creating small, Agile centered, self-managed teams who have experience of working successfully together rather than just hiring new employees to fill a customer’s request. Our belief is that great software cannot be built without a great team behind it.

Based in Barcelona we have grown a client base in London working as a near shore partner as well as successfully completed engagements with local clients. In both locations we have experience of working across different industry verticals from finance to retail.

Our company objective is to provide world class IT solutions to small and medium size financial institutions at under market prices by leveraging our near-shore IT capabilities.

How can we help you?

We can assist with a full range of IT services from cost reduction activities, operational and compliance reporting solutions through to turn-key state of the art infrastructure solutions and project resources to enable any size business. We can provide tiered or dedicated support solutions to fit your IT needs.

We provide full service offerings to customers across UX/UI, back-end development, security and performance testing, test automation design and implementation, DevOps and more. Our approach is based on:

  • Requirements – Spec by Example
  • Requirements transformed into automated tests
  • Wireframes creation and validation through testing
  • Unit test implementation
  • Code and automation development
  • Real-time status reporting
  • Continuous development

We prefer to work co-located as a team and have a proven successful track record of working remotely from a customer. We tailor our relationship with the customer as required and can provide account management in person meetings throughout the duration of the engagement, as needed. If required we can scale with the right lead time and engagement model. As stated our belief is to create great teams who know how to work successfully together.


Curious to know more?

We would be happy to provide a free of charge, no obligation review of your current needs. Please drop us a line at or use the Contact Us form in the link above.

Our services

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in


Regulatory reporting
Client facing reporting via multiple channels
Management reporting agility
MI reviews and recommendation
MI strategies to prevent MI mushrooming

Technology Enhancement

Integration of platforms and data
Business and functional development
Identification of best of breed to meet business needs
Upgrade path management and implementation
Rationalisation of technology in situ
New technology implementation


‘Turn key’ infrastructure solutions
Hosted infrastructure solutions
High quality support
Scalable low risk solutions for start ups through to growth and mature phases

Self-Managed Agile Development Teams

Creating small, Agile centered, self-managed teams who have experience of working successfully together rather than just hiring new employees to fill a customer’s request.

Large Projects

Access to large support network
Partnership with leading supplier to financial services
Large scale implementations and project management
SME deployment in the financial services domain

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